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Protecting Your Rights

There are few criminal offenses that require the kind of legal attention and knowledge that DWI offenses do. DWI charges cover a wide-ranges of legal issues, including search and seizure, due process, illegal interrogation, and evidentiary issues, all of which are best handled by an experienced attorney who understands these unique facets of DWI law. In most DWI cases, evidence such as toxicology reports and field sobriety test results are used against the alleged drunk driver. While FSTs are considered more of a pseudo-science, other scientific areas require a defense attorney who has thorough understanding of the operation of breath tests, alcohol testing equipment, and other instruments used to detect intoxicants in an alleged intoxicated driver. For comprehensive DWI defense after an arrest for drunk driving in mid-Missouri, call Murray Law Firm immediately.

Protecting Your License

This is America. Not being able to drive is not an option. If you've been charged with a DWI, Murray Law Firm will do everything within our power to get your charges reduced, or dismissed altogether, and get you back on the road.

We Have the Knowledge 

Robert Murray and Stephen Wilson are top players in the Missouri Law community. They have lectured and written on DWI Law for the Missouri State Bar, and given numerous seminars on DWI, traffic, and criminal law. You need us in your corner! 
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Reputation Matters 

Robert A. Murray was a Planning Chairman and Seminar Moderator on DWI defense in 2002, and was on the DWI Law and Practice Planning Committee and helped write the DWI CLE Deskbook in 2004. He also taught the Trial Practice Class at the University of Missouri Law School that same year. Stephen P. Wilson has also given DWI and traffic seminars for The Missouri Bar, and has served on their Criminal Law and Procedures Committee. If that doesn't speak volumes, what does?
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