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Criminal Law Expert in Columbia, MO 

We Are Here To Help

If you haven't been to law school, the legal system can seem like a foreign land where people speak in tongues. Murray Law Firm will be with you through all stages of your defense, and speak to you in plain English every step of the way. We can help with:
  • DWI Arrests
  • Drug Charges
  • Criminal Cases
  • License Reinstatements
  • Expungements
DUI attorney in Columbia, MO

We Work For You

Believe it or not, some attorneys will use every tactic in the book to avoid taking a DWI case to trial. Not us. We've been doing criminal litigation for 40+ years. We'll do whatever it takes to get the outcome that you deserve.

Keeping You On the Road

When it comes to DWI or drug-related offenses, Murray Law Firm is the recognized leader in mid-Missouri in getting clients back in the driver's seat. We'll fight your drivers' license suspension or revocation tooth and nail. We'll represent you at administrative hearings with only one goal in mind: reinstatement of your driving privileges. 
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