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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Columbia

Attorneys Robert A. Murray and Stephen P. Wilson offer a free consultation to discuss your DWI or other criminal charges. They have a successful track record of obtaining good results for previous clients. DWI cases are time sensitive, so do not wait a minute longer. Call Murray Law Firm and begin your defense today!

 Personal Attention

Sure, Murray Law Firm handles a lot of DWI, drug, and criminal cases. That doesn't mean we put your case on a legal assembly line. Your case will get the personalized individual attention it deserves, because your life depends on it. 

Solid Reputation 

Our experience through the years has led to a well-known reputation throughout the area. We have built relationships with local prosecutors and judges to give you the best possible outcome regardless of the circumstances. We will fight for you.
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 Complete Defense

 With a DWI, there are two sides of defense: the criminal side with the court, and the administrative side with the Department of Revenue. Some attorneys will only represent you on the criminal side, leaving your driving privilege up for grabs. We work to defend both sides of your case, to keep you driving as long as possible.
Criminal defense lawyers doing paperwork in Columbia, MO
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