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5 Steps to Take After a DWI Arrest

5 Steps to Take After a DWI Arrest

Getting arrested for a DWI in Missouri can be a traumatic and emotionally overwhelming situation, especially it is your first offense. In order to avoid conviction or serious penalties, there are several steps you must take to protect your rights, reputation, and freedom.

The following are five steps you must take after a DWI arrest:

  1. Take a post-arrest chemical test – To determine your blood alcohol content (BAC) level, the police will ask you to take a breath, blood, or urine chemical test after the arrest. If you refuse, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended.
  2. Hire an experienced DWI lawyer – A criminal defense lawyer understands the complexities of the legal system to help you make the right decisions throughout your case. Your attorney can investigate your case, gather evidence, determine if there are any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, and help you either get your entire case dismissed or your charges significantly reduced.
  3. Post bail – Although there are some cases where individuals are released without bail, there are other cases that require it. In order to post bail, you must make an agreement with a bondsman, ensuring that you will appear at all your court hearings. Failure to appear in court could result in having to pay your entire bail amount and/or loss of your collateral (home, vehicle, jewelry, etc.).
  4. Request an Administrative License Hearing – You have 15 days after your arrest to request an Administrative License Hearing for an opportunity to keep your driver’s license. If the 15-day deadline passes, you lose the right to a hearing and your license suspension will automatically go into effect.
  5. Prepare for court – Your initial court appearance is known as an arraignment. The judge will ask how you plead. Even if you believe you committed the crime, it is imperative to plead “not guilty” to give your lawyer an opportunity to find any viable legal defenses and help you win your case.

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