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DWI Consequences in Missouri

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The consequences of a DWI conviction in Missouri can be heavy. You will be facing a variety of penalties that can deeply impact your freedom, finances, driving privileges, and more. They range from criminal penalties to administrative penalties. In general, all penalties are based on the seriousness of the offense and whether you are a first or repeat offender.

Your best chance of minimizing any penalties or obtaining a case dismissal lies with the quality of your defense. That is why it is crucial that you retain the services of an attorney who handles DWI defense on a daily basis and who is thoroughly familiar with its laws, procedures, science, technicalities, and with the courts that process these cases. In this regard, Murray Law Firm stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

Our Columbia DWI attorneys have handled DWI cases for clients throughout the state with an outstanding record of achievement. We have decades of experience to back up our solidly-earned reputation for excellence in this field.

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Penalties for DWI in Missouri

First and second DWI offenses are generally charged as misdemeanors. A first DWI conviction may lead to jail time of up to six months, a fine of up to $500, potential community service or probation at the discretion of the court. Completion of DUI School will also be required.

Jail time for second convictions may extend up to a year with a fine of up to $1,000. Probation is not allowed unless community service as ordered by the court is completed.

Is a DUI a Felony in Missouri?

Alcohol, car keys and handcuffs - Felony DUI in Missouri

Subsequent DUI convictions are generally charged as felonies with prison sentences from 1-30 years depending on if you are a persistent or chronic offender and whether you've caused another serious injury or death.

Under these conditions, you will have a permanent felony conviction on your record that can have negative repercussions on employment, housing, etc.

Missouri License Issues

Aside from the criminal case, Missouri DWI consequences include a civil case regarding your license.

Your license will be affected as follows:

  • A BAC (blood alcohol concentration) above the legal limit will result in an automatic 90-day license suspension.
  • Eligibility for a license reinstatement will occur after the 90 days if you fulfill all the necessary requirements.
  • You have 15 days from the date of your arrest to contest the suspension.
  • For repeat offenders, license suspension or revocation can extend from one up to ten years, depending on the circumstances of the arrest and prior driving record.
  • If you refuse to submit to a BAC test, your license may be suspended for a year.

Murray Law Firm Knows How to Fight for You

Our Columbia DWI lawyers have a stellar history of legal service in the field of Missouri DWI defense. In an arena where experience matters, we have a consistent record of demonstrated competence in handling all aspects of DWI. As a family-owned local law firm, we are committed to protecting your rights.

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